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Maximize your sales with tools that improve your customer's experience. Keep an exceptional follow-up of your clients using complete data analysis to improve your actions at every moment of contact with the client.

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CloudSuite CRM

Infor cloud suite (CRM) is a cloud-based application that gives you the possibility to have a complete view of your customers in each contact with your sales, customer services and marketing team. Sales productivity tools can help you identify opportunities to maximize the impact of each interaction and optimize sales activities.

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    Maximize the impact of each interaction with your client.

    • You will have the application of intelligence tools for sales that will put to work all the information you have about your customers and you can integrate business management tools, electronic marketing and social networks.
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    Increase the productivity of your sales team.

    • With the complete data analysis offered by infor, your team can easily identify opportunities.
    • Infor has proactive alerts to generate price forecasts.
    • You will have tools for managing teams, sales and sectors that will make your team's work more efficient.
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    Get a complete view of the customers.

    • Back office integration with multiple ERP systems.
    • Cloud platform, with mobile interface and integrated to social networks.
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    Bring data to life with Birst integrated analysis

    • Birst reports, panels and analysis provide better visibility of the sales process.
    • Real-time access to operational and sales data.
    • Manual process automation.

Take advantage of Infor's tools and integrate them into a single environment to focus your efforts on the sectors you consider most necessary.




Xbar is an infor CRM solution to use directly from MS Outlook®. When a Lead, Contact, Account, or Task is accessed in MS Outlook, Xbar instantly displays related information in the right pane. The Xbar license is included in the Infor CRM license, at no additional cost.


You can integrate the benefits of using Infor CRM, access and manage the activities within the well-known Gmail interface is easy to install and configure.


Infor's Mobile solution extends CRM capabilities to the Smartphone and Tablet, integrating the solution with the own device's functions. Customizable, secure and easy to use, it has an attractive user interface

Infor Sale Intelligente for CRM.

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    It is a tool that connects to the Cloud suite (CRM) to help you define probabilities based on big data processing.
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    It is the right tool to collect, analyze and optimize your lead data in order to identify what your preferences are and what would be the best offer you can make them. So your sales, marketing and customer service team will be prepared for every interaction with the customer.

CloudSuite CRM

With the Infor® CloudSuite Configure Price Quote software you can configure proposals or quotes for complex products with special and customized features.

CloudSuite Configure Price Quote
  • You will have a customized and highly detailed product configuration engine that will allow you to have your products in 2D and 3D models.
  • With a rules-driven platform designed for converged commerce quoting, dynamic pricing instantly produces a configuration-specific list price, dealer cost, and quoted selling price. Orders are automatically passed to your business system via enterprise integration.
  • Automatically produce BOMs and instructions, then send them directly into your ERP system and generate detailed proposals to send to your customers personalized proposals, submittals, and other sales documents from virtually any application.

Optimize the sales cycle by improving the interaction with your customers.

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Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs


Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs

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