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Automate the communication with your collaborators by sending documents such as salary receipts, settlements and others. Automates the processes of admissions and terminations of employees. Manage the licenses that your team requests for different reasons and do all this digitally and securely. Your employees will be able to see the information, sign the documents, upload files, manage their licenses and your company will be able to manage the flows and the information in a digital file located in the cloud. All this just a click away.

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With Hoy lo Firmo you will get an incredibly fast ROI, reducing costs and time.



Our platform has data protection and the authenticity of the signature guaranteed through asymmetric cryptography.



With our solution you can eliminate the excessive waste of paper being responsible with the environment.

Staff Augmentation

Digital file

  • checklist Store the file of your employees in the cloud and manage it from any online device.
  • checklist It has a large document storage capacity in the cloud so you don't have to worry for several years.
  • checklist Manage documents in onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • checklist View and manage the status of each active employee.
  • checklist Integrate the digital file into your payroll solution.
  • checklist The platform has an intelligent document processing tool where you can configure for once the information you want to identify from each document for mass delivery of salary receipts.
  • checklist Your employees will receive and can download your salary receipt in PDF format.
  • checklist You can automate the sending of salary receipts and receive them back just a click away and from an online device.
Implementación CRM

Salary receipts and electronic documents

Staff Augmentation

Electronic and biometric signature

  • checklist We do not handle parameterization costs.
  • checklist Permanently monitors the status of signatures by lot, by employee or by department.
  • checklist Visibility of the evolution of lots and signatures.
  • checklist Diagrammed display with salary ranges over time.
Implementación CRM

Control panel

At Hoy lo Firmo, we believe in the importance of renewing ourselves based on the needs we see in our customers. That's why you should expect more benefits and functionalities soon.

Hoy lo Firmo

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Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs


Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs

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