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With an intelligent and friendly design, BIRST offers a robust ability to analyze and manage data in an agile way, improving the business results of your company.

The Analysis Includes

ETL / Preparación de datos
ETL / Data preparation

Birst is the first platform that combines the best of both worlds: the capability, scale and data governance that IT needs with the agility, speed and usability of consumer-grade desktop tools.


Consume Data Your Way

Birst’s adaptive user experience gives users the broadest choice of self-service, data consumption options.


Make trusted, smarter decisions.

Smart Analytics provides transparent, easy-to-interpret results that clearly show the relative importance of each attribute and measure, and their impact on business performance.


Everyone is Cloud-Connected

Birst’s multi-tenant cloud architecture allows users, teams, departments and IT to instantly share findings and data.

  • checklist Birst’s visual discovery interface offers the ability to intuitively explore data with consumer-friendly features.
  • checklist With Birst, both business users and BI teams can create, schedule, alert, and deliver highly formatted reports of easy way.
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  • checklist Birst OEM and Embedded Analytics platform, with patented machine learning technology, helps you create new analytic applications faster than ever before.
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The Birst platform includes a predictive analytics engine. In contrast to conventional data-mining environments, data in Birst does not have to undergo the time-consuming process of being moved. Instead, the platform generates datasets for predictive model training and scoring directly from its Semantic (Governance) Layer. With this embedded predictive capability, you can push predictive intelligence out to your front-line business users. At last, everyone can apply data science in everyday decisions — and without the need for a team of data scientists standing at the ready.

Respected by the most important technology research firms.


The best interface for reading data analysis and improve your business processes.

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Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs


Tell us what you need,
we offer you a solution tailored to your needs

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